24 June 2010

North Park Farmers Market


The market was hopping today!  I like heading over there before the after-work rush, when the produce is buffed and begging you to take it home!  Eclipse Chocolat (sic) was there today, and the ‘usuals’ as well.  I couldn’t leave without a small bouquet of Gerbera daisies, a couple of pints of freshly pressed apple cider, some pluots, macaroons, and a chocolate croissant.  Oh, and some fresh ceviche for a post-yoga brunch tomorrow.

17 June 2010

Pine Street Bakery

Edgewood, Texas

It's no secret, this is a must stop on any visit to the family farm.  Jennifer is a self-taught culinary delight, and her quiches and all baked goods never fail to make any visit superb!  I'm not quite sure what was in her *amazing* chocolate cake, but it inspired me to bake one for this upcoming weekend.  Stay tuned...

15 June 2010

Graham's Produce Stand

Edgewood, TX

Every time I stop by this little wonder on a visit to east Texas, I'm greeted by the staff and a taste of some freshly cut watermelon, peaches, tomatoes, or other Texas-grown produce.  Delightful!  They even have their own pecan sheller, a handy service for those who have tidied their yard under a Paper-Shell tree.  My first taste of a Dublin Dr. Pepper was had on this visit.  Made with real cane sugar, it is a rare find.  Well, until it was discovered at my favorite pizza place upon returning to San Diego!