03 October 2010

Foods That Start with the Letter ‘Z’

Oct2010 036

Zingers.  Zagnut.  Ziti.  Zatar.  Zucchini.  Ah, zucchini.  The golden child of the squash family, due to its versatility.  With the heat-wave passing in central San Diego, we felt the need to sing a torch song to this blessed vegetable by baking it up into the old standby, ZUCCHINI BREAD!

As a frequent baker, one would assume I had all-purpose flour in the pantry.  Well, I assumed that myself, and we all know the dangers of assuming.  It makes an…well, let’s just say I was lucky to have had a big old bag of whole-wheat flour instead.  Please note that, while the bread did appear ever so slightly drier than usual (just merely), the nature of the whole-wheat flour gave a heartier flair to this quickbread.  I’d use it again, perhaps adding just 1/8c more of zucchini or increase the oil by 2-3t.  Otherwise, yum!

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