26 November 2010

How About a Little Trek, Since We’ve Had So Many Treats?

Sam promised he would plan a surprise hike for us last weekend, but I didn’t expect to be blindfolded and driven to the beach!  We started with a hearty breakfast (sorry, I had to sneak a treat in there somewhere!) at Champagne Bakery in Carmel Mountain Ranch, followed by my eyes being covered with a dark blue bandana as he drove for about 25 minutes toward the secret destination.  I was certain that we were heading toward Julian, or somewhere in the mountains, so I was so astonished to see the waves as we pulled up to Torrey Pines State Beach!  I cannot believe that I’ve lived here for nearly six years, have worked down the road from this site, and ran (er, shuffle-grunted) up its hill in the La Jolla Half-Marathon, but still had never hiked any of its gorgeous trails!  What a splendid morning by the lovely gal known as Mother Nature, working her magic in Southern California as always…

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  1. i *heart* torrey pines state park. it was a gorgeous day in del mar and as i drove from my del mar hideout to my t-day feast, gazing upon the dazzling Pacific - i was indeed thankful to be living here :)