05 June 2011

Tomatillo-tastic Enchiladas!

Swiss Chard.  It's a Beautiful Thing.  Seriously.  Beautiful!!  However, it's the tomatillo that has a special place in my culinary heart.  *Sigh*

This evening, I was super jazzed to work with two ingredients that I had not yet previously brought into my kitchen: Swiss chard & tomatillos!  The first is a bit understandable, as I've only recently become a fan of greens, but tomatillos?!  Good golly, what is wrong with me?  I loved peeling these little friends, and was tickled to find how easy this recipe was to prepare.  However, I should *not* have promised Sam that we would eat an early dinner because, albeit simplistic in its process, it took almost 2 hours to prep and cook.  Yikes!  At least I got in a quick jog while these bad boys were baking!  

The enchilada sauce is comprised of fresh garlic, tomatillos (yes!), jalapeños, Mexican crema (i.e. sour cream), salt, and sugar.  The fabulous filling is comprised of the diced stems of Swiss chard, chiffonade-cut leaves (literally translated, to cut "in rags"), onions, cheese, salt and pepper, veggie broth...yowza!  The recipe was lifted from one of my fave veggie blogs, Herbivoracious.  Genius!  It was super satisfying to create our own enchilada sauce, and my new BFF is the tomatillo.


  1. Here it's just called chard

    'The Bad Boys of Baking' should be the name of something