11 June 2011

What’s Worse: Egg Yolks or Heavy Whipping Cream?

This Saturday morning, Sam finished making another batch of homemade ice cream.  On this occasion, he tried a Philadelphia-style recipe.  It’s distinguishing feature is that this batter is egg-free.  Most ice creams, indeed any that we’ve concocted, start with a lovely and delicate egg-custard.  Philadelphia-style is known for its simplistic, yet rich, base: heavy cream, sugar, and desired flavorings.  Sam decided on Madagascar vanilla beans…sophisticated, eh?  Did you know that you can rinse and reuse vanilla beans?  Bizarre…

We have decided to use an alliterative dog-breed name for each of Sam’s ice cream creations, which I then illustrate in Sharpie on our little containers.  This time, we created Vizsla Vanilla and Silky Terrier Swirl

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